Der Spiegel: “Uncle Joe und die Casino-Revoluzzer”

Und die Einkommen seien längst nicht so stark gestiegen.17 Dollar pro Stunde verdient Guerrero in seinem Job als Parkplatzwächter. Nach Steuern, Sozialabgaben, Kranken- und Autoversicherung blieben ihm monatlich rund 1100 Dollar übrig, sagt er. Aber für sein Apartment müsse er 1600 Dollar zahlen.

Guerrero earns $17 an hour in his job as a [dishwasher at Alexxa’s]. After taxes, social security contributions, health and car insurance, he says he was left with around $1,100 a month. But he has to pay $1,600 for his apartment…

Fast Company: “Las Vegas has long been a union town—but that’s started to shift. Inside the campaign to turn things around”

Last August, Lionel Guerrero was hauling trash bags out of Alexxa’s, a restaurant known for its creative cocktails and live music inside Paris Las Vegas, when he bumped into a woman wearing a union button. The organizer’s button was out of place at Alexxa’s, which is not unionized, but it might have appeared elsewhere at Paris Las Vegas. The complex, owned and operated by Caesars Entertainment, has been unionized since opening in 1999. But Caesars leased a restaurant space to local restaurateur JRS Hospitality, which opened Alexxa’s in 2018. Guerrero started washing dishes there soon after.

Guerrero, 58, still washes dishes at the restaurant—and earns $16 an hour. Care covered by the health insurance Alexxa’s provides is too expensive to use, he said. He had brightened when he saw the organizer. “A union would be good here,” he told her. “Why don’t we do it?”